You may join NJCB as a member at large.

Not all people with visual impairment or those interested in finding out more about the blindness field are able or wish to join one of our local chapters. We have many members, both blind and sighted, who have joined at large in all areas of the state. These individuals are eligible to vote at our NJCB quarterly meetings, as well as at the national American Council of the Blind ACB, conventions.

They will also receive four quarterly newsletters, The NJCB Chronicle, in either large print, on standard speed cassette or by E-mail. They will also receive The Braille Forum, the ACB magazine, monthly in either large print, half speed cassette, Braille or by E-mail. These publications are filled with information on all phases of blindness such as events, technology, legislation, social issues, people in the field of blindness, etc.

The annual dues are only $10.00. Just fill out the application form for membership at large and send it with your check to Steve Sowa, NJCB Treasurer, PO Box 434 Woodbridge, NJ 07095.